Before you go, stop!

Company: Audience Design
Creative: Ollie Moon

The Department of Internal Affairs approached Audience Design to create an information document which would be sent out whenever a new passport is issued. This document was to provide information to travelers leaving New Zealand on traveling safe, encourage travelers to register with Safe Travel and also contain contact details of who to contact when there is an issue.

After a few discussions, it became clear that this document needed to be something which the traveler could take away with them, something that was easy to navigate through, and also something that could point them to the right direction if there were any issues.

The end result was a small A6 sized booklet, which was easy to carry, and also very lightweight.We treated the information of the booklet like a journey of the passport, from what to do when you first received the passport, to what you will face when you arrive back into the country.

The design took references from the imagery we see at the airports, and also having the appearance of a scrapbook where a previous traveler has pasted photos onto various pages. Tabbed edges were introduced as a way of being able to navigate through the booklet easily, so when in an emergency, the right information can be found quickly.

This booklet is still being sent out with thousands of passports everyday.