Broadcasting Standards Authority In New Zealand - Code Book

Company: Audience Design
Creative: Ollie Moon

The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) came to Audience Design to assist in combining their separate code and standard booklets into one book which contained information about the standards and complaints process for radio, free television and pay television.

Being a larger document BSA wanted the book to be easy to read, but also allow the reader to find the necessary information without any issues.

Using the idea of the direction that most content (radio, TV) are now received digitally, I created a pixel inspired pattern which used shapes taken from the BSA logo. This pattern introduced the colours which define each section in the book.

Although there are no imagery, yet a lot of copy, each section starts with a very simple title page as to allow a “breather” before diving straight into the content. This allows the book to be less overwhelming

Supplementary material, such as the complaint forms were also created to match the style of the book, along with a translated Maori version.