UX and Asset Creation: Ollie Moon

How do you give young driver’s experience as to what to expect in a driving test scenario without having to endanger the driver’s life, while also putting them in a near real-life driving simulation?

By creating an interactive 360 video mobile app which they can use anywhere they want to experiencing a driving test simulation where they will be able to spot and identify hazards you would face while driving in the real world.

This app utilised 360 video which allows the user to view all around them. This allowed them to see the driving instructor, and also the complete environment in the car and outside the car. Their objective was to go through the simulation and try to spot potential hazards. At the end of the simulation, they would be given a score of how many hazards they had spotted, which will then be uploaded to a scoreboard.

This would educate the users as to what to look for before they take the actual driving test. A big campaign was launched which went throughout New Zealand with many positive results. More videos has been loaded into the app including a simulation on parallel parking.