For Future's Sake, Vote! - William Waiirua Mobile Experience

Art Direction, App UX and UI: Ollie Moon
Developer: Tristan Scott

How do we get 18-24 year olds to get interested in the upcoming New Zealand elections? Get comedic social media star William Waiirua and use innovative digital content to create the For Future’s Sake, Vote campaign to target them directly.

During the previous election, the lowest voter group who actively voted were those in the 18-24 year old age range. Many had various reasons for not actively voting, ranging from not understanding how to vote to not feeling that their vote will change anything.

In order to educate an age group where many participants will be voting for the first time, a campaign was created which was fronted by a comedic social media star who they are familiar with, and supported with an innovative augmented reality mobile app to drive the messages we were trying to push.

Each week, a new video message would be released providing insights into the upcoming elections which would be released and viewable via the William Waiirua app. The message would be displayed as a 3D holographic video which was able to be projected anywhere in the environment.

The combination of using William Waiirua and new technology really connected with young users and found that there was a massive positive response during the whole campaign leading up to the elections.