NiuHub Pasifika

Company: Audience Design
Creative: Ollie Moon
Developer: Traverse Digital

NiuHub Pasifika is a Wellington based community group who provide advice and information targeted at Pacific people. Part of their programmes work towards mentoring youth, providing financial support and advice as well as providing family support.

Having changed their name from Pacific Budgeting Services Trust to NiuHub Pasifika, they wanted a fresh website which encapsulates the colourful flowers and plants found in the Pacific. They wanted to promote the idea of personal growth, which was inspired by the idea of the growth found in nature.

Working with NiuHub, we discussed their needs, their clients needs and how their clients will use and interact with the site. After drawing up a simple site map, it became clear that this needed to be an easy to navigate site with minimal pages, and one which could get their messages across easily.