Breast Cancer NZ - Ripple Virtual Reality Experience

UX/UI: Ollie Moon
Developer: Tristan Scott

The Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ approached us to look into developing an experience which assisted with the difficult journey a patient has to ordeal while going through cancer treatment.

It has been found that virtual reality experiences has the ability to act as a means to subdue pain and also as therapy for patients who are undergoing any form of stressful and painful treatment.

Because cancer treatment is both physically and mentally draining on a patient, we wanted to take them out of their current environment and transport them to some of the many peaceful and beautiful landscapes around New Zealand. In each location a patient would be able to interact with the environment they are in. In Tasman National Park, they are able to write whatever they would like in the sand, while in the rivers near Queenstown, they are able to pick up and throw or stack up rocks, and when they are journeying the tops of the Southern Alps, they can hear the wind and wildlife, and view the scenery from the tops of mountains.

This experience was loaded onto a Pico Virtual Reality device. This compact device meant that the headset was able to be taken around the country and used anywhere. This project was positively receive by all patients and has helped many people going through the difficult journey of cancer treatment.