VX Sport.

Company: Audience Design
Creatives: Ollie Moon, Dan Mccloy

VX Sport have been a client of Audience Design since they started out. They are producers of an innovative, bio-metric monitoring system designed for elite athletes, coaches and trainers, and are currently being used by many professional sports teams.

After VX Sport had updated their website to their new brand colours, we were asked to design a new business card which would suit their technology focused website.

Keeping the business card simple was key, and by using the main blue colour, we were able to use the brightness of the green and white to make the main information really stand out.

I have been approached by VX Sport to create 3D models, and photo-realistic renders of conceptual casings, along with creating new VX Sport branded membranes, as well as membranes for specific brands and companies which would all be used for presentations and pitches.