World Press Photo Exhibition 2014 Website

Company: Audience Design
Creative: Ollie Moon
Developer: Traverse Digital

Having worked on the printed material for the 2013 World Press Photo Exhibition in Wellington, we were approached to give the event a revamped website to assist in promoting the event and giving the event online exposure.

The World Press Photo is a traveling exhibition seen by roughly 4 million people worldwide. It promotes the work and quality of visual journalism.

The main focus of the exhibition are the photos, and we wanted to try and carry that concept onto the website. Words and content were to be kept to a minimum where possible and the photos were the content which the viewer is always focused on.

Working with Traverse Digital, we decided to keep the functionality simple, responsive, and to only provide the relevant information separately from the photos. That meant that whenever there was information which needed to be digested, then it would be the only content on the page.